About Simon

Originator of finished fair-faced concrete

Simon is a practitioner of ECO ecological, green, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon new decorative building materials, and the original creator of finished fair-faced concrete. With inorganic coatings as its core products, it is committed to the production, research, development, sales and service of water-based inorganic coatings, dry powder inorganic coatings, decorative protection of fair-faced concrete, micro-cement Simone series, decorative mortar, ecological plaster, modern rammed earth, and environmental protection decorative materials for interior and exterior walls



Simon Mission

Simon United takes the inorganic coating as its mission and advocates“ Economy” (Economic),“ Ecology” (Ecology),“ Energy” (Energy),“ Efficiency” (Efficiency) 4E principle is our responsibility to promote the development of ECO ecological building materials



Simon's Aesthetics: Minimal Zen

The decorative plain concrete, modern rammed earth, ecological decorative plaster, and micro-cement series are elaborately constructed in the west, which is extremely simple and heavy, and gestates the Eastern Zen decorative style

The gorgeous extreme is simple after all. It contributes to the pursuit of the ultimate with the simplest Zen aesthetic materials that are simple and the world can't compete with